Find out what you should be thinking about in your run up to retirement.

As we all get ever closer to retirement age, there’s certain things we need to put in place to make sure we’re ready.
Doing an overall financial check is a good start. If you have a financial adviser, they'll be able to help you with this. Work out what finances you have, what you can save and what you need for when you retire. Then, working with your adviser, put in place investment plans that will grow at the rate you need it to over the timeframe you have before you ideally want to retire.
Then as you get closer to retirement, you need to make sure that the investments you do have are at a level of risk that suits you.
There are several options available to you at this stage to make sure you’re continuing to hit your goals. Doing your own research, and taking some advice or guidance, will help you understand what options are best for you.
There are many options available to you at retirement - which can be confusing - so at this stage it might be wise to consider bringing your retirement pots together if you haven’t already done so. Remember that consolidating isn’t for everyone – if you’re unsure, you should get some financial advice or guidance.
Whatever your circumstances, don’t stress. We’ll work together to give you the best chance at the retirement you’re hoping for.